Special Equipment

Additional accessories for packaging machines and custom equipment

Automatic Splicer

A new innovation for your business

We have developed a device to achieve higher levels of production, reducing times and increasing the performance of your machines. The automatic film splicer is a system adaptable to any packaging machine that your company or business has. Eliminating the downtimes of line stop by reel change, continuous operation of the machine is achieved, greatly increasing the performance of its packaging systems.

Technical specifications

Automatic Film Splicer
Adaptable to any packaging machine, regardless of the brand
3 inch cone
Motorized and self-aligning unwinder
Coil up to 500 mm wide and 500 mm diameter
Weight: Up to 120kg
Compatible for coding system incorporation

Pneumatic Chucks

Now we manufacture our own pneumatic chucks

At IMA TECMAR we are always thinking how to provide you with a competitive advantage for your business. With the Pneumatic Chucks the coil changeover time is accelerated. With a simple and functional design, They are easy to handle and adaptable to any type of packaging machine. Its air release valve makes it even faster to place and remove.

Technical specifications

Pneumatic chucks
Adaptable to any packaging machine, regardless of brand
Simple and easy to place
Hold the coil only with compressed air
Air release valve for quick coil change

In-line check weigher

In our constant search for more efficient packaging solutions, we have developed a high-tech system for weight control of packages made for multi-line equipment

This System is designed to control the weight of flat (4SSS) at the packing output to ensure that they are within the corresponding tolerance range. It can process up to 8 simultaneous lines, discard sachets out of range and feedback the filler to maintain the established average weight

Technical specifications

In-line check weigher
Product savings (contents are not oversized)
Scrap savings (less rejections for out of range sachets)
Greater customer satisfaction (receive what is offered)
Reduce potential commercial and legal claims

Degassing valve applicator

We present our new system for placing and sealing degassing valves.

With position regulation according printed area, and speed of up to 60 units per minute. Adaptable to various valve models, it is ideal for coffee applications and products that require gas removal.

Technical specifications

Degassing valve placement system
Position regulation according printed position
Up to 60 units per minute
Adaptable to various valve models
Ideal for coffee applications and products that require gas removal