Customer services

TECMAR has always conceptualized that pre and post sales service is the key to get the best performance of our equipment and increase customer satisfaction.


Because of the wide variety of our customer's geographic locations and the different fields of application of our product, it is necessary to adapt ourselves to different idiosyncrasies of each region.


We have a technical and professional staff dedicated to this purpose, which can answer any questions about the equipment or general considerations, to get the best solution for all packaging issues .


The staff in this area can receive consultations in English, Spanish or Portuguese, in oral or written.

Also, we list the following services:

Post-sale service with personalized tracking in or out of warranty
Launching machine at customer factory, where it proceeds to the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and the start of production equipment.
Training of operating crew, maintenance and supervision.
Customer support during the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), in which all necessary tests are done to the customer to verify the construction and operation of the equipment and approval for release.
Delivery of spare parts .Each equipment is accompanied by a complete user manual which containe all the data and codes to uniquely ask what the customer really needs.


We use the ( AnyMeeting ) application for video conferencing and online training . If you already have an account in this site Invite us to the conversation / Lets talk ventas@tecmarsa.com